3 Laws of diet
Jun 26 2021 0 Comments Mikhail Piatnitskyi

3 Laws of diet

The rate of weight loss depends on many factors. This is age, genetics, and physiology. Indeed, in order to lose extra pounds, someone just needs to give up sugar, and for someone - add polyunsaturated fatty acids to the diet. But there are three general rules that work in every case.

Choose the right foods. Take the ketogenic diet, which is currently at its peak. It is characterized by the fact that it allows you to eat fatty foods. But what if those fatty foods are cheese? Of course, your diet will be ineffective in this case. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the quality of your food. In the case of the keto diet, it is better to replace fatty cheese with fish or avocado.
Eliminate wheat flour products. Without it, the process will definitely get off the ground. After all, white flour is a fast carbohydrate that not only builds up on our problem parts of the body, but also leads to swelling. Moreover, now wheat grains are almost completely cleaned of coarse shells - this processing technology deprives flour of fiber and most vitamins. That is why we advise you to replace it with any other type of flour - oatmeal, rye, buckwheat, rice or corn.

Eat more vegetables. They are high in vitamins and fiber. And unlike sweet fruits, vegetables are good for everyone. Celery, any cabbage, zucchini, carrots, asparagus, cucumbers, eggplants, lettuce, tomatoes, beets, radishes, bell peppers work especially well for weight loss. They require more energy to digest than they bring to your body (this is called "negative calorie"). This means that extra pounds go away faster. Read more about negative calorie foods here.

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