4 products for the night without harm
Jun 26 2021 0 Comments Mikhail Piatnitskyi

4 products for the night without harm

Baked apples
Why is it that baked apples are a great way to satisfy your hunger at night? Everything is very simple. The fact is that fresh, crispy juicy apples provoke appetite. It is worth eating your favorite fruits on an empty stomach, and you will want to supplement a modest meal with a lot of already unhealthy foods. So it's much better to bake the apples in the oven. Moreover, baked apples sprinkled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon can easily replace a full-fledged dessert, and the substances contained in apples prepared in any way contribute to sound sleep.

Dairy products
Kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt or sour milk are your universal rescuers from attacks of evening hunger. They consist of light protein, which is perfectly absorbed by the body, saturates, but does not overload it. It is important that the portion does not exceed 200-250g. You can add a spoonful of honey, cinnamon or vanilla to the sour milk, this will only improve the effect. As a result, you are happy, well fed, there are no extra pounds, and everyone is happy!
Grapefruit is rightfully called the best citrus for weight loss, since it has a low glycemic index, a fairly low calorie content (35 kcal / 100g), it is a source of valuable fiber, a whole range of different vitamins, and also contains naringin, which improves metabolism and promotes the breakdown of body fat. Grapefruit also effectively fights insomnia, so eating it before bed is undeniably even critical!
Contrary to various opinions, you can, and even need to eat avocados at night! In the right amount, of course, but avocado contains mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are not deposited on problem areas (and, in principle, not on any!), Are quickly absorbed, moreover, they contribute to the breakdown of already existing fats. Avocado does not contain cholesterol and sugar, but it boasts a wealth of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, thanks to which it keeps the whole body in good shape, improves the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, the condition of hair, skin, and much more! The magnesium found in avocados is a great help for insomnia. All of these are compelling arguments that half a medium avocado at night is perfectly allowed for you.

Nuts contain numerous vitamins and minerals, and most importantly - magnesium, B vitamins and Omega 3, because they are the best fighters for quality and restful sleep. You can't eat a lot of them, because here you already need to remember about the calorie intake, however, eating 30 g of nuts will be very useful.
Vegetable stew
Vegetables have always been, are and will be the perfect snack and complete meal. However, if during the day it is better to eat more fresh vegetables, then in the evening and before going to bed - in stew or boiled. This is justified by the fact that it is in the cooked form that vegetable fiber is better and faster absorbed by the body, and also perfectly cleanses the intestines.

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