5 reasons for a girl to take up boxing.
Mar 17 2022 0 Comments Mikhail Piatnitskyi

5 reasons for a girl to take up boxing.

1 Excellent physical shape
The first thing that gives boxing for girls in Parimatch Fight Academy on a regular basis is a toned figure and an attractive appearance. That is why the hall is often visited by the fair sex, who want to correct their figure and lose weight. The first results are visible after a month of regular training.

2 Strengthen all the muscles of the body
Nothing helps to strengthen the muscular frame of the body as well as boxing. During training, absolutely all muscle groups are involved: arms and legs, back muscles and abs are actively working. This is why women's boxing is often referred to as the architect of the body.

3 Increasing self-confidence
Many girls start boxing not only to improve their figure, but also for the sake of a new perception and feeling of themselves on a psychological level. Indeed, with the first results, self-confidence begins to grow, self-esteem increases and relations with the outside world harmonize.

4 Prospects in big sport
The first workouts, of course, will not make a professional out of a beginner, but with regular boxing, you can get good results after six months. For capable and talented people, this is a ticket to big sport. With high ambitions, it is better to choose the PM Fight Academy professional gym, which even such a boxing legend as the world Irish fighter Conor McGregor once visited.

5 Ability to stand up for yourself
For many girls, boxing is not only a sport to keep fit, but also a real self-defense course. Having a set blow and owning professional wrestling techniques, it’s not scary to visit even the most criminal area alone at night. Of course, you shouldn’t tempt fate on purpose, but in hopeless situations you can take a chance without fear of being defenseless in the face of someone’s aggression.

Thus, there are at least five reasons to enroll in the PM Fight Academy gym for women's boxing training right now. Professional coaches who have reached the heights in big-time sports willingly share their invaluable experience with beginners, helping them become significant figures in the boxing world.

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