7 reasons to eat garlic every day.
Mar 31 2022 0 Comments Mikhail Piatnitskyi

7 reasons to eat garlic every day.

1. Kills bacteria and viruses.
The most famous property of garlic is the prevention and help in the treatment of SARS or colds. Garlic can do all this thanks to a set of substances, such as: essential oils, herbal agents, phytoncides, which destroy viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Garlic can prevent various intestinal infections if you suddenly eat poor-quality food or drink unpurified water. Products can contain many parasites and infections that cause intestinal diseases, and garlic, due to its antiseptic properties, reduces the risk of getting sick. Before eating questionable food or water, eat a clove of garlic to prevent poisoning. By the way, in the Middle Ages in Europe they tried to escape the plague and cholera with garlic.

2. Treats bronchitis.

Garlic reduces inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, thins mucus and promotes its separation.

3. Strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

The biologically active substances of garlic neutralize fatty deposits that contribute to the formation of atherosclerosis. Adenosine was found in garlic cloves, which prevents the formation of blood clots, dilates caranal vessels. Therefore, garlic is used during the treatment of vascular thrombosis and angina pectoris. In addition, garlic increases the force of contractions of the heart muscle, making the heart work efficiently and economically, and can even stop a small heart attack.

4. Good for Digestion.

Garlic stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, has a positive effect on the intestinal muscles and promotes normal digestion.

5. Helps with Diabetes.

Garlic reduces blood sugar levels and enhances the formation of glycogen in the liver, ie. may be an additional therapeutic agent for diabetes mellitus.

6. Stimulates the immune system.

Among other beneficial trace elements, garlic contains selenium, which is an antioxidant and improves immunity. Scientists have determined that if the body lacks selenium, then viruses cling to a person faster. Moreover, due to selenium deficiency, the initially not very dangerous influenza virus, while in the cells of the body, can actively mutate.

7. Garlic and oncology.

Garlic can prevent the development of many types of cancer, including smoker's cancer. It kills cancer cells in the mouth and bronchi. According to the strength of the impact on them, some researchers equate garlic with chemotherapy. Long-term observations of smokers made it possible to draw a stunning conclusion: if you eat 1 head of garlic 2 times a week, the risk of developing cancer is reduced by almost one third. It is also useful for people living in areas contaminated with radioactive emissions.

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