How strength training differs from functional training?
Sep 10 2020 0 Comments Mikhail Piatnitskyi

How strength training differs from functional training?

Understanding strength training in areas such as powerlifting and bodybuilding, we emphasize that the goals of functional training and strength training are different.

Through strength training, athletes purposefully “build the body” by pumping up specific muscle groups or specific muscles.
In functional training, the priority is the harmonious development of muscles and well-coordinated work of all muscle groups, increasing strength and endurance, body flexibility.
Accordingly, the “tools” for achieving these goals are also different.

Functional fitness is a mix of cardio and strength training, it involves all muscle groups in a complex work, including the most difficult to reach.
In strength training, strictly defined muscle groups work, or even some muscles in isolation.
Almost all workouts are tailored for beginners with varying fitness levels. But a feature of functional training is considered to be its wide availability for people of different ages, gender and fitness.

Functional training is physiological. Multi-joint exercises make the load sparing in relation to the ligaments and joints, the load on the spine is low, the development of stabilizing muscles reduces injuries.
Strength training is characterized by work “at the limit”, in a state of tension. Exercise technique should be honed and workload assessment adequate. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury.

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