Best breakfast
Sep 10 2020 0 Comments Mikhail Piatnitskyi

Best breakfast

Nutritionists analyzed the studies of scientists from different countries and made their own rating of the best breakfast products. According to experts, breakfast should be light, but at the same time give vigor and energy for the whole day.
Based on this, nutritionists have compiled a list of the main breakfast foods:

  • scrambled eggs or omelet
  • oatmeal with added fruits or dried fruits
  • muesli seasoned with juice or milk
  • buckwheat porridge with milk
  • fruit salad
  • vegetable salad with herbs
  • cottage cheese with fruit
  • whole wheat bread
  • yogurt
  • low calorie cheese

Almost all scientists supported the idea of ​​porridge with milk. They believe that any liquid food is most useful for breakfast, and even better - soups. They are absorbed faster and do not cause heaviness in the abdomen. But about the other items on the "useful list", a dispute flared up among specialists. Some nutritionists say breakfast cereals - muesli, cereals, instant porridge - are high in sugar and artificial additives.

Yogurt is also called useless for breakfast - according to experts, beneficial bacteria, once in the aggressive environment of an empty stomach, are quickly destroyed, and the benefits simply do not reach the intestines. In this case, it is better to add yogurt to cottage cheese with fruit. The nutritionists agree with the rest of the points and have made a menu for the week.

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