10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate You Don't Know
Apr 16 2022 0 Comments Mikhail Piatnitskyi

10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate You Don't Know

Someone cannot live even 3 days without it, while others appeal to scientific research about the dangers of this product.

1. Source of flavonoids
These plant substances are very important for the body, they are powerful antioxidants and have a general strengthening effect on the body. Cocoa, which is part of chocolate, contains a flavonoid that stimulates blood circulation in the brain.

2. Storehouse of vitamins
50 grams of dark chocolate contains 6 grams of fiber, a third of the daily requirement of iron, a quarter of the daily requirement of magnesium and half of the copper and manganese. On the other hand, 50 grams of chocolate contains 300 calories, so get these vitamins from other foods as well.

3. Reduces pressure
Those same flavonoids stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body, blood vessels dilate and blood pressure naturally decreases. It doesn't go up, as is commonly believed.

4. Lowers Cholesterol
In short, cholesterol is good and bad. The bad one settles on the walls of the arteries and causes plaque formation. Chocolate reduces the amount of such cholesterol and increases the level of good - high-density lipoprotein.

5. Relieves stress
Frequent consumption of dark chocolate removes cortisol and catecholamines - these are stress hormones. So if you have a risky job, hard studies or a black streak in life, dark chocolate should always be at hand.

6. Reduces Platelet Clustering
Platelets are blood cells responsible for clotting. Too active platelets can provoke coronary heart disease, and dark chocolate just prevents them from accumulating and objectively affecting your health.

7. Gives energy
The caffeine in chocolate excites the nervous system and gives some boost of vivacity and energy. You can use chocolate as an alternative to coffee and to recharge on a particularly busy day.

8. Improves dental health
The most common myth is that chocolate is bad for tooth enamel. Yes, if it is milk sweet chocolate. And dark natural has exactly the opposite effect on the oral cavity: it relieves inflammation of the gums and protects the enamel from caries.

9. Controls blood sugar levels
Again, an increase in blood sugar is associated with an uncontrolled passion for those types of chocolate that are high in sugar. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, can increase insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of diabetes. Chocolate must contain at least 65 percent cocoa.

10. Protects the skin
The flavonoids found in chocolate protect the skin from UV rays and prevent wrinkles. Flavonoids also improve the blood flow of the skin, which makes the skin of the face tightened and moisturized.

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