About us

My name is Michael.
I have created this store. Store of motivation and emotions!
20 years of fitness practice led me to creative work.
My assistants and I find and create designs for clothes, home accessories with the FITNESS theme.
Why are we doing this?
Because as soon as you crossed the threshold of the gym, you became a special person with a purpose. When creating each design of a pattern for clothes and accessories, we want you to have more motivation, good emotions and a positive mood.
Each of our designs on clothes makes you special, because you are doing a business that suits only people with strong spirit.
On our website you can choose any print you like and order T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and other goods. You can be sure that our goods will be delivered as quickly as possible and will be of high quality. We only produce and sell what is ordered. We put the drawings when placing an order, so buying is a more informed and responsible choice compared to mass production.
Our task is to evoke emotions. A print on clothes or favorite things is always good emotions and mood. We create and search for the most fashionable and attractive prints. We are also working on technologies to improve the quality of the product and web resource.
What makes WODHOT different from others?
Our responsible execution of work on each drawing. Our small team of like-minded people live like one family. A family in which there is no place for a bad attitude towards work.
We save resources by avoiding stock leftovers. Items for sale are created only after the order has been completed.

Quality of goods on the site
We use proven, quality products. The return system is minimal and there is no scrap in the product.
Best delivery
Our shipping partners are the world's best carriers offering affordable and reliable shipping options.
When buying our product, be sure that I am always in touch. Here is my email tritonfit21@gmail.com.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write.